Monday, February 4, 2013

SuperPharm coupons (Israel)

Don't forget to sign in the SuperPharm's site and print or load their coupons onto your smartphone!

The new batch of coupons is good thru February 13, 2013.

They include:

sample coupon
Kleenex brand toilet paper  

Huggies brand wipes (refill pack)

Sunday brand bleach

Life brand hand cream

Barcelona brand men's cologne and deodorant

Nicole brand paper towels

Meridol brand toothpaste

Jade brand eyeliner (metallic)

Careline brand mascara

Make sure you are logged in and you use the "print" button on top of the page, in order to print coupons with a real barcode. What you see when you first open the site are sample coupons that will not be accepted in the store...

Happy savings!

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