Thursday, February 14, 2013

And here we are again...

Wow, this was the week that flew past me!

Thank G-d, no one was sick, the weather was gorgeous, and the flowers are in bloom all around us!

So that makes for a good week!

We also took the kids to their favorite park in the area - about a 15 min drive away but they love it there.

And now, it's back to cooking for Shabbat!

Zol B'Shefa had Rabbanut chickens for 8.99 and Mehadrin chickens for 9.99 - and Rabbanut chicken breast for 18.99 and Mehadrin chicken breast for 14.99 so... didn't do a HUGE shopping run, but I did buy other things than I planned. I justified it because they had a dry red wine we sometimes get for a price that is lower than we usually find, so we bought some wine (we said, Pesach is coming, might as well get it!).

So here's our Shabbat menu!

Whole Wheat Challot from the freezer

Soup - beats me if I know what kind! I've been serving a lot of soup.

Roast chicken with potatoes (Friday night)

Shnitzel (for lunch. the baked kind, not the fried kind)

Vegetarian Black Bean Cholent

Apple Crisp (courtesy of my girls again)

Honey-Cinnamon Oranges

Salad which will likely be cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots (cut into matchsticks), since we don't have a lot of salad-worthy vegetables!

Something my vegetarian son will choose to learn how to make (I will try to report back)

Chocolate Cake from the freezer.

Definitely time to start trying to use up the freezer stash.

What are you making?


  1. Looks great! We have guests this week so I've already made a lot and should be cooking now instead of online! Menu - Fri: challah (friends bringing sourdough challah), chix soup, cooked veggies, meat stew w potatoes (for dinner), cholent (for lunch), fennel salad, cabbage salad, babaganoosh, brown rice. And I'm going to attempt some carob fudge. Don't have high hopes, but I'm going to try :) I'll post if it's any good.

    1. I'd love to hear about the carob fudge!
      Your menu sounds yumm! Enjoy your Shabbat guests!

  2. We're out for lunch and tonight it's just salatim with our challah and someting for dessert - not sure what yet. Shabbat Shalom.


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