Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Menu Plan

This week's menu plan is very sparse. I just cannot think about every meal right now! But I wanted to give myself something to work off of, so I don't get "stuck"!
What's on your weekly menu?

Sunday -
Lunch: French toast + ??
Supper: Pizza + ?? (salad and ?)

Monday -
Lunch: Lentil soup, sandwiches, cucumbers
Monday: Whatever is left from Shabbat

Tuesday -
Lunch: Potato and vegetable stew + ??
Supper: Felafel

Wednesday -
Lunch - sandwiches, carrot sticks
Supper - lentil soup, pasta

it's a fast day, little kids will eat leftovers for lunch
Supper: soup? (what kind depends what veggies I get my hands on!) pasta, fruit


  1. Always good to have a plan - you can always change it if something like a delicious quiche should land on your doorstep unexpectedly. I try to have a loose plan but every night my daughter tells me she doesn't want that, she wants something else. The benefit of being an only child I suppose.

  2. Ooh a quiche landing on my doorstep. Sounds good to me!

    I suppose it would be easier to accomodate last minute meal-requests for one child. I find I just need to make sure they have food to eat before it gets late and they all get cranky!
    Now I must go make some bread dough, or that plan will not work tomorrow - no bread for sandwiches unless I bake!


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