Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shabbat Menu

Yay! I finally went grocery shopping, and now the house is full of food again! I did not find any amazing bargains at Rami Levy in Afula though - yes, I gave them another chance, but next time I will shop elsewhere. It's just not worth fighting the crowds.

I went there because there is a Nizat HaDuvdevan next door, and I wanted to make a health food store run. I was pleased to find that bulk products at the health food store were all still significantly less expensive than at RL or any other supermarket. They even told me they will deliver to my town, any day of the week - I just need to call in my order (downside: delivery fee is 40 shekels).

Here are some of the prices that I found there: green split peas: 6.90/kg, red lentils 7.90/kg, green lentils 8.90/kg (that surprised me! more expensive than red lentils?) oats 6.90/kg, flaxseed 6.90/kg, black beans 15.90/kg (better than 18/kg at my local dry goods store, but only because they were on sale this week).

I did not buy any cheese at RL because the cheese counter line was long, and I can go to my local mega and buy price controlled cheese for the same price. And on Friday I can get 10% off still! So I believe a quick run to mega is in the cards for tomorrow, as my kids have made it very clear to me that they are NOT INTERESTED in living without cheese.

That was a pretty long preface to my menu for Shabbat! oops.

Here's my Shabbat plan:

Homemade Challot

Split pea soup

Black bean cholent for lunch

Roast chicken with potatoes and onions

A vegetarian dish with potatoes that my son will make (when we decide what it is, I will update!) *Update: He says he will make baked potatoes. I found out that he's never actually watched me make baked potatoes so he doesn't know how it's done! This REALLY is cooking 101. I guess if he makes ENOUGH potatoes, he'll be ok, right?

Brown rice

Carrot Kugel

Vegetable platter - will definitely include cucumbers, tomatoes, and red peppers. Perhaps carrots.

Chocolate chip cake (I'll post the recipe later, I hope!)

What are you making? I'd love to hear!

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