Thursday, February 14, 2013

Subsidized Bread Discovery

Remember I wrote about price controlled foods, and some of you asked about the bread...?

Well, I was at the supermarket today, and they had sliced "lechem achid" on sale for 2.29 (price controlled price is 7.93, this store said the regular price was 7.29). So I looked at it, as the sliced version is packaged, and therefore, discloses ingredients. And I figured if the ingredients were half-decent, I might buy some to keep in my freezer for busy days, especially at this price, which was a lot cheaper than I could bake a 750g bread for at home!

Well... I was dismayed to learn that this subsidized bread (this was made by Angel's bakery) had, as the 3rd ingredient, partially hydrogenated oil!

So the government is subsidizing a food that is SUPER unhealthy.


WHY is the Israeli government providing a cheap loaf of bread that is so bad for us? Partially hydrogenated oils are really "the bad guy" in the food world today. I mean, really. If you don't believe me, feel free to research!

I am so disgusted that the bread that the majority of Israelis use on a daily basis contains partially hydrogenated oil. The government is basically subsidizing our way to unhealthy consequences! The same government that provides us with health benefits, is encouraging its citizens to eat food that is truly unhealthy.

We should all be up in arms about this, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Any ideas?


  1. As of the last time I checked the ingredients the Berman Lechem Achid (and their rolls - as opposed to Angel's) does not have partially hydrogenated oil

    1. Good to know! I just checked online and that seems to be correct. Berman does not used partially hydrogenated oil.


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