Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

So this is not about food, but it is about getting a good value for your money. Sometimes you have no choice, you may actually need to buy a necessity...

I took a chance, and I ordered Jumping Jacks shoes from

They are leather, make all sorts of claims about orthopedically correct fit, have a removable insert to allow for a bit of extra growth, and were an excellent value, compared to local shoe prices. Not to mention shipping was super fast and very affordable! ($10 for the order, free shipping for orders over $125, and since they ship each pair separately, that works out fine customs-wise!)

I was also pretty confident that they would fit my children, as they make all sorts of "school shoes" that are required as part of a uniform in certain types of schools - like the schools that require certain types of shoes. They have to be made to accommodate all sorts of feet in order to become an official uniform shoe!

Well, I cannot be happier. The shoes we got are wonderful. They have lived up to all their claims, and even my super-sensitive boys who HATE, positively hate, getting new shoes are happy to have them!

Next time my girls need new shoes, we will probably try out Jumping Jacks for girls! (This time we chose Stride Rite , and we're thrilled. But I can see that Jumping Jacks are made better than these Stride Rites, when comparing the shoes my boys have to the shoes my girls have...)

We like this style:


  1. Did you get charged any extra fees? I made an order to see the charges and there was a $21 charge for some misc taxes fee. Did you have that? My husband is traveling soon so Im trying to figure out what to do.



    1. they put a hold on your card for that amount. IF there are any import taxes, they charge you that as a maximum. If there aren't any, you don't pay it. I haven't paid any fees because each pair was shipped individually, and none were expensive enough to trigger fees on their own!
      And all the shoes were delivered to my door. great service!!

  2. I like the girl's shoe. I'd wear it myself.

    1. me too! (and jumping jacks makes women's shoes as well. check em out!)

    2. Scratch that. they only make saddle shoes (prep school uniform) in women's sizes. But endless has so many other great comfy shoes. I'm wearing my Northside sneaker-like Mary Janes a lot right now!


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