Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meals today

It's deceptively cool out right now. And cloudy. But I have learned that these cloudy mornings often morph into scorchers very quickly. So before my head gets all messed up by the heat of the day, here's the plan for supper:

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese
Carrot sticks

Nothing fancy, but now I know what I am making later. I love making simple food right now. Just trying to figure out the cheese situation. My family loves cheese, and it is such a huge expense...

Time to do a major grocery budget evaluation.
I want to get my spending back on track for July (vacation can set you back), and increase the amount of money I spend on cheese, so I can keep my kids happier. They all like cheese-laden foods so much better! So my goal is: get them to complain less, by buying more cheese, but spend less overall. ?? Not sure I'll manage but I am sure going to try!

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  1. I also spend a load on cheese but I reason that as I don't buy meat, this is like our meat. It breaks my heart to see the cheap cheese (and the variety) in the supermarkets in London when we visit.
    Btw - I cut down on food bills by buying almost no precessed food. I even stopped buying frozen pastry ready to roll in favour of a bag of wholewheat flour and butter (you can use margarine if you need it parve). The only problem is if your time is money not earned.


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