Friday, June 29, 2012

Shopping for Free

I love iHerb rewards! Thanks to those of you who used my code for $5 off your first order, I just got a free order. It included:

Organic extra virgin coconut oil

Aluminum free baking powder (16 oz bag! that will last a while)

Fake bac'n bits so certain family members will eat salad happily (ok it's not the healthiest, but we use only a little at a time)

Banana flavoring (i use it in smoothies/yogurt, my kids HATE chunks of fruit in their kefir and yogurt)

Castille soap with peppermint and shea butter

If you've never ordered from them, give it a try! For $5 off your first order use code QEJ101. Then you'll get your OWN code to give to friends, so you can get rewards and free orders too!

FYI shipping weight limits apply, so read their FAQs!

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