Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shopping Habits

I just evaluated our grocery purchases over the past month and discovered that I overbought some things (that's ok, they are dry goods and will last) and underbought others.

Like rice. I totally ran out of rice a week before I thought I would.
And black beans. Same thing.
But I have 2 extra kg of red lentils...

So now, it is time to re-work the staples list, so next time I can plan better!

Do you have a "monthly staples" list?

Mine has been in my head for a while. But I think it may be time to write it down, and keep track of our actual usage...


  1. I wish I had a Staples List and that I cooked on a regular basis-but I don't. It is very difficult to for me to cook for one. I need to eat a high protein diet.
    B"H I am very fortunate in that when I do eat out on Shabbat, I am often offered some leftovers.
    That being said, I look at the leaflets for the grocery stores to see which Sales are beneficial for my eating needs and then choose where and how to stop. I usually go to BarKol right down the street from me or I splurge and go to ShuperSal if "my" B&J ice cream is on sale then I might consider a visit there but for the most part I go to BarKol, and to ShuperSal about every three months.
    I am addicted to sunfloer seeds in the shell so that is a given for me. I look for sales on fish -frozen or canned; fresh fruits/veggies; certain dairy products and I look forward to when to frozen items go on sale-soy products or vegetables and then I stock up using my credit card.
    A few weeks ago BarKol had a sale on the parve
    chocolate bars. I bought ten packages.I often bring a bar as a gift when eating out onva Shabbat meal as well as becoming addicted myself in switching from dairy chocolate to parve.

    1. I've been thinking about your cooking dilemma. You could definitely cook several portions at a time and then freeze them in individual meals. That way you'd have something to pull out of the freezer. Say you cooked up 6 pieces of chicken one day (really doesn't take much more energy than cooking 1 or 2), you could freeze them in the portion size you want! Same goes for fish, or sides, just be sure to portion them out and freeze in a useable portion for you...


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