Monday, June 25, 2012

laundry detergent...

I got a free sample of Rock'n Green Hard Rock Laundry Detergent. It is specially formulated for use with hard water.

I was a little nervous to try it out, as I've had allergic reactions in the past to laundry detergent, even "natural" ones, even ones formulated for sensitive skin...

The sample is their fragrance free ("bare naked babies") version. I read many reviews, and really only encountered positive ones. I couldn't find any people saying they or their baby had broken out in hives!

So I gave it a try.

It is AWESOME. My clothes are clean and fresh, even with hard water. I'm going to have to order a whole bag, which will nearly fill up my next iherb order (max order is 4 lbs, this product weighs 3.31 lbs)!

If you've never ordered from iherb before, you can use referral code QEJ101 to get $5 off your first order (of any size). Shipping in the US is free for orders over $20, and international shipping can be as low as $4. I usually pay $6 to have my order shipped to Israel...

(I cannot make any guarantees about your order. Read up on iherb's international shipping info before you place your order so you can be an informed customer. I have been extremely satisfied...)


  1. I wanted to order the sample but I don't have hard water! I couldn't find a sample for soft water ;-(.

    1. so sorry! if I find one I'll let you know, but for now all I found were the hard water samples (last month they has soft water samples too. maybe they come and go?)


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