Monday, June 11, 2012

Keeping Cool

I really need to figure out a way to feed my family this summer using minimal heat. I don't mind running the oven - that's down in my laundry room so it really doesn't heat up the house much. But my stove? It is HOT over the stove!

I am going to try to get my kids to agree to eat more food that are served cold, and preferably with minimal preparation, and that don't cost a lot of money!! I'm still debating the crock pot vs. stovetop thing. I am convinced my crock pot doesn't heat up the kitchen as much, and according to some resources I've seen it really does use a lot less energy than a gas stove, even taking the longer cooking time into consideration...

Ideas welcome!

I only just started a list:
Gezpacho - but some vegetables are very pricey, so we'll have to be creative
Sandwiches (although baking bread does involve some time investment, I don't see myself getting out of this one)
Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables
Foods I can make in the crock pot

Please share your ideas for summer eating! I'd love it if the focus was on inexpensive ingredients, as well!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas


  1. I read that using spicy foods makes you sweat more and therefore keeps you cooler. I've been slowly trying to heat up our food that way.

    1. good luck! my kids have reflux so we can't do much in the way of spicy foods. we'll just go for wetting our face and hair at the sink instead of extra sweating, thanks! ;-)

  2. You could have everyone keep cups of ice in the freezer to drink.

  3. freeze grapes. use oven/crockpot when sun goes down if cooking beans,etc. Cook at night and if you have a microwave, plate each person's food and reheat 1-2 min. Prepare marinated vegetables in baggies (one bag to each kind of veg) and then mix for salads each day. Drink yogurt smoothies for breakfast. Make lots of wraps using leftovers. Make healthy muffins for carbs instead of rice,etc.

    1. I used to freeze grapes! But I haven't seen them for anything but exorbitant prices around here lately. seriously insane, so we're eating melon, not grapes. Can we freeze melon?
      Thanks for all those ideas!
      I'm going to try to get creative. I'll keep everyone posted.

  4. I could wax poetic about my love of the crock pot. I will try to put the ingredients for any conventional recipe I see into the crockpot and see what happens. I am nearly always pleased with the results. If you're concerned about it heating up the kitchen (I feel it is only warmer in very close proximity to the appliance and don't really give that a thought) then put it in your laundry room with your oven. I'd say it is worth giving that a try.


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