Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Online Shopping

Have you started ordering your groceries, health products, etc online yet? I remember everyone thought that by now we'd all be ordering everything online... Well, I am not convinced that everything should be ordered online, but in some cases it can save you a lot of money and a lot of time.

I recently started ordering some hard-to-find-in-Israel items from online retailers who ship to Israel (they also ship all over the world, and if you live in the USA it is so easy to qualify for free shipping! Who doesn't love free shipping?!) If you do this, you must take note of their shipping method. Those who only ship via Fedex or UPS will end up costing you a LOT more - in shipping charges and customs clearance fees - than those who ship via the Post Office.

Everyone I know here in Israel who shops abroad has their own, unique list of items s/he MUST import. For me, it's sunscreen, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and dishwashing and dishwasher detergent. (Before I made aliyah, I was VERY concerned that I wouldn't be able to get my tried and true Seventh Generation Free and Clear dishwashing detergent - the only one I have ever used that doesn't give me eczema - and now that crisis is SO over. THAT is real relief, I'm telling you!) That and the occasional cocoa and specialty peanut butter... or what have you. For some other friends, it's spices, cocoa, laundry detergent, vitamins, herbs, omega-3s, and more.

ANYHOW - if you have not yet ever placed an order from iherb, now is your chance to get a GREAT deal!
Through the end of March 2012, first time customers can get $5 off their order totaling less than $40, or $10 off their order totaling $40 or more, using coupon code QEJ101 at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Go check out iherb's competetive prices (many items are priced lower than Amazon and other sites) and great selection of vitamins, herbs, supplements, toiletries, grocery, household products, and more. They ship internationally for very reasonable rates ($4 or $6 depending on your order) if you keep your order to 4 lbs or less. They even have a really handy "shop by weight" feature, for when you are nearing the 4 lb limit but want to maximize your order...  And if you live in the USA, you can get free shipping with orders over $20!

Think of all the gas money you can save. Now you don't have to run across town to every health food store or big box retailer (I know, I've done it), in search of the best deal. Just order it online and they ship it to you! (Just don't forget to use that coupon code - QEJ101 to get a really great deal this month!)

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