Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meal Plan this week (getting close to Pesach)

Pesach is coming! Pesach is coming!
(Pesach is Passover, for those unfamiliar with it, it is by far the most labor intensive Jewish holiday, and requires a complete change-over to special Kosher for Passover kitchen items - all of them. Foods considered chametz are not allowed, and in addition, some people don't eat Kitniyot - which is mostly rice, legumes, and some seeds. We try to use up all of our chametz before Pesach, as we are not allowed to eat or even own chametz over Pesach...)

Here's my meal plan for the week:

Sunday night: Shabbat leftovers with some additional cooked vegetables - steamed summer squash,  carmelized onions

Monday night: Crock Pot minestrone soup, whole wheat pasta with cheese, fresh cucumbers and carrots

Tuesday night: Crock Pot potato and vegetable stew, rice and lentils, make your own salad (we have some lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and oranges - that I will dress with honey and cinnamon)

Wednesday night: pizza, homemade french fries, make your own salad

Thursday night: Some sort of soup in the crock pot, Pasta with black bean "meatballs" and tomato sauce (from the freezer), whatever vegetables are left...

There are other things to use up too - oatmeal, which we'll either eat for breakfasts or bake into muffins, flour, which we'll use for pancake lunches and a batch of bagels one day, some malawach my friend gifted us with when her freezer broke - perfect for lunch one day...

How are you doing clearing out for Pesach? I'd love to hear your plan!

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