Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flaxseed crazy

Shabbat is almost here and I was planning my menu, when it hit me that I *may* actually run out of flaxseed before Pesach.

You see, I have been using flaxseed in everything - bagels, bread, muffins, cakes, pancakes, even the sticky rice that I served tonight. I figured it can't hurt, it can only help us stay healthy, right?

So I was planning my Shabbat menu -

Homemade Challot (I already made them today, 100% whole wheat, with ground flaxseed)

Vegetable Soup (probably won't put flaxseed in that!)

Vegetarian Cholent (yes, I remembered to set the beans and barley soaking already. Wondering if I could sneak some flaxseed into the cholent? No one will notice if I do, will they?)

Potato Kugel (and I will add a little flaxseed, no one will notice since lately I've been making this without peeling the potatoes, and no complaints! I think it all depends on the potato. The potatoes I get here are very thin skinned, not like the Russet potatoes I used to buy in the old country.)

Carrot Kugel (I've long since replaced the eggs in my carrot kugel recipe with ground flaxseed + boiling water)

Chicken - in teriyaki/ginger/honey sauce (probably no flaxseed in that mixture, what do you think?)

Sliced, fresh vegetables. Running a little low, but I think I have cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots still

I think I have a chocolate cake in the freezer (yes, I made it with my flaxseed + boiling water method)

So what do you think, have I gone flaxseed crazy? Is there any reason not to? (I started using flaxseed as an egg replacer when I felt like we were going through too many eggs for my comfort. It eased my conscience, puts less of a strain on my budget, and is healthy!)
Do you add flaxseed to your food?

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