Monday, March 26, 2012

Israel Paid Surveys

Back in the old country, as some of you may know, I used to answer online surveys, and I'd be paid pocket change ($3-$5 per survey) via PayPal. Well, I am not longer eligible to answer US based surveys and I'm missing my pocket change!

I decided to break through the language barrier (after all, I am relatively proficient in Hebrew), and I signed up for an Israeli survey site. This site works differently than what I had gotten used to - they don't pay in cash. You earn points which can be converted into "Tavey Kniyah", vouchers. I have no idea which stores these vouchers will be accepted at, but I love the idea of having survey-funded pocket change again!

Click here to sign up! (The site is all in Hebrew, fair warning. But really not so hard to figure out)


  1. Hello! I know this post is quite old, but could you please let us know how often they send surveys and if you have been paid successfully?

    1. Morris, thanks for checking in! It takes a while to get a payout, from what I understand, so I haven't been so good at doing their surveys. It's best if you log in to their site on a regular basis and check for new surveys. I have friends who say they get payouts about 1-2X per year from them.


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