Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freezer Cleanout and Leftover Dinner

I haven't been posting my meal plans lately, it seems that there have been other things on my mind. But it is time to get organized again! (What better time of year to do that than in the month before Pesach?!)

I am working on cleaning out my freezer in preparation for the arrival of Pesach. I love Pesach, really I do, but sometimes all the preparations for it stress me out...

So today I served this supper:

Potato and Vegetable soup (lots of onions, potatoes, and carrots, since those are all really plentiful and cheap right now, with a smattering of summer squash and garlic thrown in for taste). I made enough to last for another 2 meals, so that will be a good thing at lunchtime tomorrow!

Leftover Vegetarian Cholent from Shabbat - I made too large a cholent and whatever hadn't been brought to the table was still pareve. Today was use it or lose it day. I served it, and some ate it...

Steamed Broccoli and Snow Peas - this was in a mystery dairy container in the freezer. I really must learn to label my frozen foods better!

Eggplant with tomato sauce and cheese (also from the freezer)

A wacky meal, but everyone found something they were ok with eating, so I guess it worked...

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