Friday, March 23, 2012

Freezer Cleanout Shabbat

So Pesach is coming closer... how are you doing with your prep?
Today I inventoried my pantry to make sure I know what I must use up in the next week...
And I did a freezer cleanout for Shabbat!

Here's what I took out of my freezer:

Challot and rolls
Chocolate Chip Squares
1 pan rice
1 pan roasted potatoes
1/2 pan roasted butternut squash
1 carrot kugel
2 pans of chicken

2 containers of soup stock (used some in the soup and some in the cholent)

In addition, I made:

Split pea soup
Banana Cake

Those, together with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, should be plenty for us for Shabbat!

I am so happy that I "fed the freezer" other days. Today was an easy cooking day!

Are you doing a pantry and freezer cleanout? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I baked challa for this Shabbat and next, today. I took out soup and a Yerushalmi kugel for this Shabbat and have the same for next week. I made a potato kugel for this week and for next. We don't like freezer food that much. I'm dreading having to serve the frozen grilled chicken breasts I have in the freezer. I finished the last of the ground nuts that have been in my freezer forever (some probably from last Pesach) by making cookies today. I finished the 2 cubes of frozen tomato paste that were in there. There is still 1/4 mocha cake waiting to be eaten. It wasn't so good fresh and I can't imagine the freezer improved it. It's been in there for about 5 weeks.

    1. We don't love freezer food either, but if it's well wrapped you can manage to avoid the freezer burn!

      About that mocha cake - I've done things like that. Then thrown it out when I realized it still isn't so good! I have a feeling the honey cake that's in the freezer will be destined for the garbage, unfortunately. It's been there since erev rosh hashana... it is marked "for bar mitzvah shabbat" but clearly I had other baked goods that took priority!

      About the chicken breasts - usually if you dress up frozen chicken with some more sauce when you reheat, it's better. Good luck!
      Shabbat Shalom!

  2. I haven't yet done anything for Pesach but then I live alone so I'm not as worried.
    As for frozen cooked food, I am tre ultimate hater of cooking and most always happy to inherit others leftovers ( don't eat eggplant or coconut) and I love dry cake. I guess I'm not normal.
    Shabbat Shalom

    1. Don't they say "all taam v'reyach ayn l'hitvakeyach" - can't argue about smell or taste!
      Whatever works! Shavua Tov


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