Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do you embellish leftovers?

I decided to serve our Shabbat leftovers tonight for supper - no need to stash *more* leftovers in the freezer I have decided to empty by the time Pesach rolls around (that matches my husband's commitment to make me empty all the old, useless boxes of stuff out of our miklat before Pesach).

Do you serve your leftovers as is, or do you remake them into a new dish?

Right now, I am an as is sort of person - for me the point of serving leftovers is to be able to simply reheat and eat, no fuss or anything...

What about you?

(So tonight we're having vegetable-split pea soup, teriyaki chicken, rice, carrot kugel, roast potatoes, and some fresh vegetables. I love having a low-prep night! I must figure out how to do this more often.)


  1. Most of my friends cook enough food for Shabbat in the hopes that there will be leftovers for S lunch ir dinner. I thought most people did that. Now the problem/question is what to do with the bits of the leftovers S night!
    I actually "advertise" myself on TzfatLine (local sign up email) that if people have leftovers (fish/chicken/meat/cholent/veggies--not burrows and pasta) from Shabbat come M morn then I may be
    interested in them as I hate to cook for one person.
    In fact this past Th I "inherited" various containers of chicken, turkey meatballs, pesto, felafel balls, quinoa cake. I did not need to cook for Shabbat!

    1. Wish you were closer! I had some rice, chicken, and cabbage salad left. enough for 1 person for 1 meal... I totally would have given it to you!
      (Well, I just might have one of my kids eat chicken for lunch tomorrow though - one son will never turn down the opportunity)

  2. I used to set aside Shabbat leftovers for Sunday dinner, but after a few weeks of that, I realized that it was much better to just let them sit around as lunch material for the week.

    It's just the two of us over here, and I very rarely find myself with food we can't/don't/won't finish.

    1. We try not to waste, but with 4 kids, appetites vary, and there are days when I feel like I didn't make quite enough, and other days when there are bits of leftovers, but not enough for all of us... Gotta work on getting my teenage son to eat up all those odds and ends... :-)

  3. When there's enough left, I serve it as is.
    Usually there's not quite enough for 6 of us, so I turn left-over chicken into a pie or a stir-fry.
    I like making it "stretch" far enough to feed everyone, when it looked like there wasn't enough :-)
    Alternatively, I'll serve it as is, with the addition of other "not-quite-enough" left-overs that ended up in the freezer...


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