Thursday, June 16, 2016

Undisclosed Allergen Warning! (Another one)

Meir Bagel issued a warning that the following products contain undisclosed traces of peanuts:

"Shtuchaleh" Sweet Chili flavor, 300g packages

"Shtuchaleh" Sweet Chili flavor, 40g packages

with expiration dates between 22/12/2016 and 19/01/2017

"Shtuchaleh" is the name the company gave to their flat pretzel products

The products are being recalled to correct the packaging.

Anyone who has a peanut allergy who has purchased these products SHOULD NOT EAT THEM.

Please be in touch with Meir Bagel's customer service at 04-626-0002 or by email to

Please share this post with anyone who has a peanut allergy!

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