Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Stuff Deals!

Israelis, don't we constantly gripe about high prices? Well, I am here to tell you - there ARE some ways to save some shekels when you are shopping. One of them is Groupon Israel, and there are some great summer deals going on right now! These are all items that I think make summer a whole lot more fun. Like these two beach chairs, starting at 79 shekels!

Click the picture to see the deal!

This hammock looks like so much fun to have, and they start at 79 shekels. You'll need to check if you need the hardware kit to attach it to a tree, which is sold separately for 44 shekels:

Click the picture to see the deal!

This Super Slush Cup will be sure to save you many shekels and calories. Instead of going out for a "barad", make healthier homemade slushies in minutes at home! It starts at 37 shekels plus shipping, but the best deal is the 4-pack for 148 shekels. That's 37 shekels apiece, INCLUDING shipping!

Click the picture to see the deal!

I also really love these GIANT outdoor games, so I had to share them with you. They've got Giant Connect Four (129 shekels plus shipping) OR Giant Chutes and Ladders (59 shekels plus shipping)! Perfect for keeping the kiddos occupied outside in the yard!

Click the picture to see the deal!

Enjoy your summer! It's gonna be a great one!

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