Monday, June 6, 2016

Menu Plan for the week

Quick! It's Monday night and I was at a complete loss for what food to make. 

That's because I never planned my menu this week. So I must make up for it now. (Better late than never?)

Sunday night - we were out

Monday night - Pasta with cheese, roasted kishuim

Tuesday night - Sloppy Sams, fresh dinner rolls, corn on the cob 

Wednesday night - Scrambled eggs, Whatever veggies need to be used up, ??

Thursday night - clean out the fridge night

Lunches will be rice and lentils, corn bread, salads, and whatever else we manage to quickly assemble on any given day.

Phew, now I won't be staring at ingredients on a shelf wondering what on earth we're going to EAT?!

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