Monday, June 20, 2016

Additional Products with Undisclosed Peanuts

Of  Yerushalayim has announced that the following products contain undisclosed peanut ingredients:

Kebab Mizrachi
Burger Mizrachi
Jumbo Hamburger
Home Style Lamb Kebab
Jumbo Romanian Kebab
Rodriguez Kebab
Chicken Burger
Chicken Kebab

Sold under the following labels: Hadar HaBasar, Of Yerushalayim (hechsher: Mahpud), Of Ta'im, Idit (hechsher: Rubin) and Glatt Yerushalayim (hechsher: Badatz She'erit Yisrael)

The recall affects all batches with production dates between 29/02/16 and 16/06/16, and expiration dates thru 16/08/16

If you have purchased these products and have a peanut allergy, please call customer service at 073-232-0406/8/9  to arrange your return.

Please check out my previous post for more information about the other products that have been recalled.

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