Sunday, May 13, 2012


My kids want popsicles. But they are pricey. I just can't bear to even buy the cheap ones - totally not worth it. But I found a popsicle mold in my Pesach stuff that I never used, so I left it out, figuring it may get more use year round. And today, at the health food store, I found organic cherry-apple juice concentrate on clearance, because it's expiring at the end of June. It was 10 NIS instead of their usually exorbitant 54.90 price tag! I bought a few, so we'll have some cherry-apple pospsicles available for hot days!
Looking forward to cooling off, for less!


  1. I just learned another popsicle trick from my cousin. Cut up fruit and stick it into the forms. No need to pack it in. Then fill with water and Freeze. You can even use the bits left after you cut a fruit or that is left over to make these.

    1. I just saw something like this somewhere! only they said to fill with juice. Cool idea, literally!


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