Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Buying Time!

It's that time of year - you know, when summer is almost upon us.
Well, this is when I have to buy some of the books we'll be using for next year's homeschooling...
One of my favorite places to shop is Better World Books. I love buying used books from their Bargain Bin, especially when there is a great sale going on, like $3 per book!....
Right now, you can get 3 used books for $10, 4 for $12 and 5 for $15 with the Better World Books Bargain Bin. Free shipping worldwide. What could be better for ex-pat homeschoolers than free shipping worldwide?

I also love Fishpond. Sometimes they are too expensive, but other times, their prices are great! It's always worth a look, and it's all free shipping worldwide...
Start your search here:

Hint about Fishpond: they sell A LOT more than just books. Think, toys galore, including Legos, Melissa and Doug... and craft supplies, too! Everything ships free worldwide, so here's a great way to get some high quality (and yes, even educational) toys into Israel without burdening your family, and perhaps (for some things, at least, for sure) avoiding import fees!

Happy book shopping. I know book shopping makes me happy.

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