Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresh from the Tree!

I was hanging out the laundry and I noticed my neighbor's Shesek (loquat) tree, dropping rotten fruit. Their tree is taller and larger than ours, and the fruit on it gets a lot more sun. So I wasn't surprised that theirs was overripe. (I do find it sad that they have about 12 fruit trees in their yard and really don't harvest them. I haven't yet asked them if we can take their fruit - how silly am I?)

So I checked in on ours, and discovered that some of it is ripe. So we harvested the ones we could reach with our ladder (there's a whole bunch that's too high for us, very sad. Any ideas how we can get it down without a) hiring someone b) buying a new ladder or c) damaging the tree?).

They are delicious.


  1. If you prune the top of the tree in the next growing season the tree will grow wider and you will have better fruit. Fruit not picked and allowed to rot takes strength away from the tree. Miriam

    1. Thanks! We'll try that. now to find the pruning shears...

  2. YUM! Our loquat tree was not good this year (after last year's bumper crop!) The fruit went from barely ripe to black. I'm not sure if it's blight or what, but I need to research it. We made a really good loquat chutney for our meatballs last year. So delicious!!!!!! Tricky to pick, for sure. Ours is next to our roof, so that helps. The fruit is so fragile that you really can't use fruit-picking tools...


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