Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mega's pre-Shavuot produce sale

Mega's pre-Shavuot produce sale is a little disappointing, but still some things may be worthwhile.
Sale prices are in effect Wed-Fri, and you must purchase a non-sale item in the store as well.
They also have other items on sale - Norwegian salmon, some dairy products, and more. But I'm focusing on produce, which is the least expensive way to eat healthy! (Although I'm seriously debating that salmon for chag...)

Get baby cucumbers/lettuce hearts/cherry or grape tomatoes - 2 pkgs for 12 NIS
Selected Herbs - 3 pkgs for 10 NIS
Peaches - 9 NIS/kg
Apricots - 10 NIS/kg
Bananas - 5 NIS/kg
Corn - 6 NIS/kg

Limit 3 kgs or 3 units