Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekly Meals

Somehow, my supplies are beginning to run low!

I'm out of oats, black beans, split peas, and sugar. Almost out of pasta, rice, green lentils, honey, and chick peas.

I wasn't actually planning to do much shopping this week, so I guess we'll be "making do"

One day this week I plan to make some food for a  friend who just had a baby, so I'm sure I will end up buying a few supplies to make her a nice meal! (Thinking of making her a lasagna. Or maybe not. I will have to see what I have on hand when I actually get around to cooking! She's a fish-eating vegetarian.)

Here's the plan:

Lunches will be sandwiches and soups and leftovers from supper

Suppers (just listing the main components)

Sunday: Pasta with tomato sauce and veggies and goat cheese

Monday: Whatever is left from Shabbat, supplemented with a fresh potato kugel

Tuesday: Cornbread and Scrambled Eggs (will improvise for the egg allergic daughter)

Wednesday: Baked Potatoes, Something with frozen peas

Thursday: Celebratory post-dance recital meal out ?

Do you plan your weekly menu? Let me know what's on yours this week!

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