Monday, June 2, 2014

Shavuot Menu

I started planning my Shavuot menu over a week ago but got completely sidetracked, so now it seems very last minute! Oops

I'm actually a little disappointed, because I'm off cow's milk for health reasons and Shavuot usually showcases lots of dairy...

I can eat small quantities of goat cheese, but I'm not planning to serve a whole goat cheese-fest for Shavuot. It's actually quite expensive, so I'm nixing that idea before I give it any more thought. This IS supposed to be a frugal food blog, after all! And I am still trying to keep to my monthly grocery budget!

I want it to be a nice chag, in many ways. Foodwise, of course, and familywise too. So, I'm trying to do what I can to keep everyone in the holiday mood!

Foodwise, I bought some fish on sale. Not everyone in my family eats fish. But some do.
Fish without additives is hard to find, and quite pricey too. But it will get eaten, so I splurged, so together with the goat cheese, it's turned into a pricey chag for a one day event! But it's once a year, and even frugalistas need to know when to spend a bit more and just enjoy!

So here's the plan:

Shavuot night:

Split pea soup (requested by the 6 yr old)
Broccoli Quiche (made with goat milk and cheese)
Couscous with roasted garlic
Salmon with herbs and carmelized lemons
Butternut squash (not sure how I'll prepare it)
Salad - whatever vegetables we manage to get cheaply today.

Dessert -- see the post about Shavuot night!

Shavuot Lunch

Goat Cheese Lasagna with eggplant
Salmon and couscous from the night before

Sorry folks, no cheesecake here this year. But I'd love to hear about yours, I won't get sick from some vicarious cheesecake enjoyment!

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