Friday, December 23, 2011

Shabbat Parashat Miketz, Shabbat Chanuka, Dec 23-24, 2011

I am posting a Shabbat menu very late! So sorry for doing that! It has been an amazingly busy beginning of Chanukah... I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday as much as we are enjoying ours!

Here's a quick rundown of our Shabbat Menu:

Homemade Challah (anyone know how to get a shiny crust without an egg-wash? I am trying to figure out the perfect eggless challah!)

Vegetable Soup (with some wild sorrel from my yard)

Honey-ginger soy sauce Chicken (Fri. nite)/Shnitzel (lunch - from the freezer)/Honey-ginger soy sauce Tofu

Stuffed Peppers (from the freezer)

Roasted Kishuim

Roasted Carrots

Carrot Kugel (from the freezer, my 4 yr old is back on her carrot kugel kick!)

Split-Pea Barley Stew in the crock pot

Avocado and tomato salad

If I have time, a cinnamon-oatmeal bread as a breakfast treat. I can't imagine I will get to any baking though, so we'll have some fresh fruit for dessert!
Shabbat Shalom and Have a wonderful Chanukah!

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