Sunday, December 18, 2011

Printable Coupon!

Do your kids need new shoes? Once in a while that happens, I know!

Usually I just go to the local Naalei Hakibbutzim store, but once in a while, we can't find the right style or size, so we end up somewhere else. And what's more Israeli than shopping at Gali?

Here's a discount coupon, good thru the end of the month (December 2011), at Gali:


  1. Thank you for this - I normally hate Gali shoes - because they are poor quality - but I used this to get some pink UGG imitation boots for Talia - so they only came to 50 NIS... they will last through the season probably...

  2. So glad this came in handy for you, Janice! 50 NIS for boots isn't bad at all... pretty comparable to Walmart/Target and similar in quality...


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