Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shabbat Parashat Vayigash, December 30-31

I am going to push myself to cook for Shabbat on Thursday night for real this time! It is just too busy around here on Fridays, and impossible to get it all done unless I work hard Thursday night too...

Making a very simple menu though, because I don't want to be up all night cooking - so everything can be done in just one or two steps. no fussing over food... but still making a variety so that everyone will feel his or her preferences have been taken into account...

Vegetable soup (my usual, only with lots of kishuim - my youngest's favorite - bec. I found those for 3 NIS/kg today, when usually I pay at least 6, and most times more than that) - for Friday night

Vegetarian Cholent - for Lunch

Chicken marinated and baked in BBQ sauce


Carrot Kugel (the end of my freezer stash of carrot kugel. I guess next week one day I will make a whole bunch to freeze again~)

Roasted Cauliflower (I have been thinking about making this for a while, but until I found cauliflower today for 3 NIS/kg, it wasn't feasible)

Roasted Beets - my son requested we revert to plain ones, though

Make your own salad (we have cucumbers, tomatoes, red/yellow peppers, oranges from our tree, carrots)

Apple crisp (probably the most labor intensive part of this menu!)

Chocolate Chip Cake, and Banana Bread for breakfast

Ok, gotta run and start cooking! Shabbat Shalom!


  1. We are going out for lunch so have taken most of what we are eating for dinner out of the freezer. Where did you get cauliflower for 3 NIS? I love roasted cauliflower - usually the kids eat it before it gets to meal time.

  2. I shopped in Nesher yesterday - we went on a tiyul in the Keren Kayemet Park there with the suspended bridges - very nice place to have a nature walk. So we stopped in at a supermarket there b4 heading home...

  3. Have never been there - should try it.. Where is the entrance to the park?


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