Monday, December 5, 2011

A little off-topic...

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with food. And not really anything to do with saving money, either, although perhaps sort of...

This post is about my shopping experiences in this country. By and large, I have found that if I want to bargain hunt I have to put on a suit of armor and have an extra healthy dose of humor at the ready, to deal with the unpleasant experiences that invariably accompany shopping. Whether it's feeling like I'm being ripped off, salespeople who ignore me, other customers who push their way in front of me in line, or whatever, I have not enjoyed shopping much here. That's not to say that it's all bad. There is that great little arts and crafts store in the Industrial Park at Ramat Yishai, where they were so helpful. And the shoe store (Naalei Hakibbutzim) where the saleslady took me to heart when I told her not to show me anything above price X. The shoe store in Tiberias that we found had decent shoes at decent prices was much less pleasant, but not terrible either.

So ... recently my son had his Bar Mitzvah. We had some Judaica books we still wanted to get for him after all the gifts were opened, and in addition he is beginning a new chapter of his learning, so he needed to get books for that. I took a chance and ordered these books from a website -  "Hamefitzim" - they had what I was looking for, at good prices, and offer free delivery to my door with a large enough order! (Oh, and a special for chanukah - a free book from a list of 5 choices with a large enough order)
I had trouble signing up for an account on their website though, so I called in my order. And it arrived, 2 days later. Delivered to my door. So now, I am recommending them to all of you. This is an unsolicited recommendation, and I get nothing if you shop there. I just figured we could all use help finding good vendors from time to time.

Please share your gems with me, too!

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  1. Really I am craving a shopping spree! I'd love to go on a shopping spree! But I can't, so please share the places you feel have fair (or even great) prices, great customer service... and basically exceeded your expectations!


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