Thursday, December 1, 2011

Printable Coupon!

Mega's coupon of the week for their Facebook fans is for their store brand frozen Jachanun. You can get it right now for just 9.99 NIS for a 1 kg package.
Coupon expires Dec. 3, so act fast! (Tip, if your local mega is open on Saturday night - mine's not - you can get an extra 10% most items for shopping then! This offer is for "You" card holders)

Click here for the Jachanun coupon


  1. I think I bought this last week in Mega without a coupon at this price - also Mallawach... I rarely use either but like them in my freezer... just in case. The Yokneam Mega is open Saturday night - but I can never be bothered to shop then

  2. Good to know that's open - ya know, just in case we're out of something crucial... I think the jachanun was on sale during the 4-day crazy days sale. they must have overstocked, so now they have the coupon!


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