Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Amazon's BACK

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Maybe you've already heard that Amazon has resumed shipping to Israel? I know I've been hearing rumors floating around about this lately. So I decided to take a break from everything and browse to see for myself!

And yes, they have. Thousands of items are now shipping to Israel, BUT....

And it's a big BUT. None of them have free shipping. And some of them still have EXORBITANT shipping fees (I checked out a FitBit for about $70 and shipping was $40! um, no thanks. That's a pretty small item for a pretty high shipping fee!). 

But some things have quite reasonable shipping fees.

Let's look at shoes today.

These women's sandals, for example. They are priced at $23 and shipping is $10.81 - Still quite a high percentage but not a bad shipping rate for shoes. And we all know that shoes are one of those things that we all lament are WAY too expensive in this country!

How about Clarks shoes? I picked this style at random - and they are priced at $44 and shipping is about $12.

Men's shoes shipping rates were higher, but that's probably because they tend to be larger? Anyhow, the ones I checked ranged from about $15-$25 in shipping fees. Still, it might be worth it, considering that you might find your shoes for half of the retail price in the mall here!

Stride Rite shoes - lots of these ship to Israel for about $10 in shipping.

Some shoes have higher shipping fees, so check carefully before you click buy, and know what you're about to buy!

Overall, I think it's a great time to buy shoes from Amazon if you know what size you need. I'm all for avoiding the mall and getting things delivered to my door for a reasonable price! And that's what I found. So now, I'm heading back over there to find the shoes I've been looking for (nope, nothing too fashionable. I'm really looking for something super comfortable)!

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    1. I've had NO problem showing them pictures of damaged items and getting a refund without sending a return. If you need to return something, it's easy to work out with customer service.


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