Monday, July 20, 2020

Free Shipping Deals!

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Shop from Home!

I'm all about shopping from home right now and I LOVE free shipping deals! So let's see what's out there today!

Here's a deal costs for Finish brand dishwasher tablets. Get 340 of them for 129.90 with free shipping!

Click here to go to GROO to buy this deal! This deal won't last, though - so if you want it, grab it!

Looking for high quality extra virgin olive oil? Check out this deal for 8 liters from Jahshan, for 275 NIS with free delivery!

Click here to go to GROO to buy this deal! It's only available for a limited time!

Here's a deal for 10 packages of sanitizing wipes (these are so handy right now! I keep some in my bag and some in my kitchen and some in my bathroom and... you get the point.) for 59.90 and free delivery! Your choice of scents, too. I just get lemon, I find it least overwhelming.

Click here to go to GROO to buy this deal!

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