Thursday, July 23, 2020

So, What's the Deal with Amazon International Shipping? I've got news!

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Maybe you've already heard that Amazon has resumed shipping to Israel? I posted here last week that they have, but shipping fees were an issue. And then I went on to post how many items have a shipping fee of about $10.

And yes, they do. Thousands of items are now shipping to Israel, with a line about shipping costing about $10!

So today I decided to investigate further, and I was so excited to discover that with 5 items in my cart, each of which had a shipping fee between $9 and $12 listed, the total shipping fee was MAJORLY reduced and came to $22 and change.

Now, you might think this sounds like a lot to pay for shipping. And it might be - it depends what you're buying. For me, this price was totally reasonable because 2 of the items I was buying are just NOT AVAILABLE in Israel! The other 3 items I bought, while they can be bought locally, were priced at 50% - 80% lower than the local equivalent. So I decided the $22 charge STILL made sense! And yes, I kept my order to under the $75 taxable threshold, and hopefully the packages will be delivered to my door next week!

I've still got more items on my wish list, but I'm spreading out my purchases! I'll keep you posted when I get back to my, um, research (shopping?)!

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