Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stock up for great prices: Deals on personal care products

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Do you miss Amazon? I sure do!

Well, for now the days of Amazon free shipping to Israel are behind us, and while back then I advised buying deodorant and other personal care products from them, now it's time to acknowledge that we're back to where we used to be... buying locally.
But it's really not so bad. I found a whole bunch of deals for you - assuming you're willing to buy deo or whatever it is for the next few months all at once, these prices are not like regular store prices!

Here's what I found on Groo:

6 Dove for women deodorant spray bottles, for 59 NIS (plus 15.90 Boxit shipping) - choose which scent is your favorite!

6 Nivea roll-on for men, for 69 NIS (plus 15.90 Boxit shipping)

6 Dove roll-on for women, for 75 NIS, (plus 15.90 Boxit shipping) - choose which scent is your favorite!

6 bottles of Dove liquid moisturizing soap (we're all washing our hands so often, we definitely need the gentle stuff!) for just 49 NIS (plus 15.90 Boxit shipping)

10 tubes of Colgate Herbal White toothpaste, for 99 NIS (and free shipping!)

Oral-B Vitality Electric toothbrush, for 89 NIS (and free shipping!)

Find more personal care products on Groo - click here to see them all!

Important Note: I don't know what will happen with Boxit Shipping if there is a full lockdown. I imagine there will be ways to get out packages, but I just don't know for sure what will be. I'm still shopping online, and assuming it will get worked out. Hopefully Boxit will find a way to get our packages to us even if there's a lockdown!

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