Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Perfect timing for these deals!

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Check Out These Corona-relevant Deals!

This deal sold out - check out the latest deal instead at:
Currently, we're all being told to use cleaners that can kill pathogens, especially on high touch surfaces. Here's a deal for sanitizing wipes, with free Boxit shipping - get 10 packages for 79 NIS! This may not be the cheapest deal out there, actually, but it's certainly convenient to shop from home without going out!

(Boxit shipping is an additional 15.90 NIS per order)
Not everyone currently needs masks, but you know, some people are using them - especially if only some members of a household have to go into quarantine, and not others.

Click here to go to GROO to buy this deal!

Important Note: I don't know what will happen with Boxit Shipping if there is a full lockdown. I imagine there will be ways to get out packages, but I just don't know for sure what will be. I'm still shopping online, and assuming it will get worked out. Hopefully Boxit will find a way to get our packages to us even if there's a lockdown!

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