Sunday, March 22, 2020

Shopping from home during quasi-lockdown

(this post contains affiliate links. When you click and make a purchase, I may get paid a commission. Thanks in advance for your support)

Check out these deals you can buy from HOME!

These deals ship from Israel, and only ship within Israel!

Meshek Achiya deal - get 5 liters of their awesome olive oil PLUS a jar of Ethiopian Techina, for 199 NIS. Shipping is another 20 shekels. For the best deal, buy 2 and pay just one shipping fee (limit 2 per order, but you can make multiple orders!). This olive oil is consistently rated VERY highly, and this is a great price!

(Boxit shipping is an additional 15.90 NIS per order)
Not everyone currently needs masks, but you know, some people are using them - especially if only some members of a household have to go into quarantine, and not others.

Click here to go to GROO to buy this deal!

Stocking up on shelf stable emergency supplies? Here's a deal for 10 boxes of granola bars for 119 NIS! And free shipping!

Click here to go to Groo to buy this deal!

Important Note: I don't know what will happen with Boxit Shipping if there is a full lockdown. I imagine there will be ways to get out packages, but I just don't know for sure what will be. I'm still shopping online, and assuming it will get worked out. Hopefully Boxit will find a way to get our packages to us even if there's a lockdown!

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