Sunday, December 15, 2019

Personal Care Products: MUCH cheaper on Amazon!!

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SAVE on everyday things you would buy by shopping online! Previously, I decided to take a look at some of my everyday cleaning supplies and see how the prices compare. Check out that post here!

Today, I'm looking for personal care products my family uses.

1. Men's deodorant (Dove brand) 6-pack for just $14.48 (we usually find this on sale, when we're lucky, for about 15 NIS each, and regular price is far more!) - and this product ships here free with a qualifying $49 purchase!

2. Women's Dove Deodorant 6-pack for just $15.99 and ships here for free with your qualifying $49 order! See the note above about the men's deo and this is almost as good a deal! I am talking big savings over local sale prices, which can be hit or miss!

3. Witch Hazel toner (this one is a mix of witch hazel and alcohol, perfect for dealing with zits!) - a 6 pack for the awesome price of $15.41 and free shipping to Israel with a qualifying $49 purchase! I just can't find this type of product locally, and the few times I've found plain witch hazel, it's been incredibly expensive!

I'll post more deals soon! There are so many products on Amazon!

Are you looking for other products? Drop me a note and I'll try to do a round up of products for you!

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