Monday, December 30, 2019

Hand-picked Amazon Deals!

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SAVE on everyday things you would buy by shopping online! Previously, I decided to take a look at some of my everyday cleaning supplies and see how the prices compare. Check out that post here! You can also find awesome deals on Personal Care Products (be sure to check out that post)!

Today's finds are kind of random. And if you're lucky, you might be able to get $15 off your $50 purchase, if your items qualify. I can't promise you the items below qualify, but some might@

1. Fragrance free laundry detergent (up to 100 loads in this bottle!) for $19.99 - and this product ships here free with a qualifying $49 purchase!

I found another fragrance free laundry detergent that ships to Israel - it's pricier per load, but it's sold by Amazon so it should qualify for that $15 off $50 deal, and that might just make it cheap enough!

2. Blackout curtains (!! seriously expensive here in Israel) for just $14.86 (major discount right now!) and ships here for free with your qualifying $49 order! 

3. Hanes zip-up heavyweight fleece hoodies start at $10.99 (some colors and sizes) and qualify for free shipping to Israel with a qualifying $49 purchase! I am so happy to find these, because 1) the price 2) quality issues with some I've bought here. These are one of those wardrobe staples for the "menfolk" in my house!

I've also found a lot of great shoes for kids that ship here with this deal! Totally worth looking! I also have found women's shoes for half the price my local store (check out the prices on Skechers - in some cases, they prices are just 25% of what I have found in local stores!)

I'll post more deals soon! There are so many products on Amazon!

Are you looking for other products? Drop me a note and I'll try to do a round up of products for you!


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