Thursday, December 12, 2019

Amazon Savings: Eco-friendly Household products

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SAVE on everyday things you would buy by shopping online! Today I decided to take a look at some of my everyday cleaning supplies and see how the prices compare.

FOR THE RECORD: I try very hard to buy eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and fragrance free whenever possible. I freely admit that these are often the more expensive ones out there - but because of my family's allergies, this is what works for us.

1. Ecover dishwasher detergent for just $8.48 per box of 45 tablets - and this product ships here free with a qualifying $49 purchase!

For comparison, this product works out to 19 cents per tablet - 66 agurot - I last bought this product at a local health food store for a whopping 1.23 NIS per tablet. We're talking a major savings!!

2. Seventh Generation Fragrance Free Hand Soap, 8-pack, for $30.40 and ships here for free with your qualifying $49 order! I have not been able to get fragrance free hand soap in Israel except for bar soaps. This is a game changer, because we don't love to share bar soaps with lots of people! Our sensitive skin family is going to be really happy with this one! (The price compares pretty well to local "natural" liquid soaps)

3. Seventh Generation mint cleaning wipes, 3-pack, for $8.79 and free shipping to Israel with a qualifying $49 purchase! While I rarely choose to use this type of disposable product, there is much to be said for these when cleaning up really gross messes! I remember throwing several packs of these into my lift when I made aliyah!

I'll post more deals soon! There are so many products on Amazon!

Are you looking for other products? Drop me a note and I'll try to do a round up of products for you!

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