Tuesday, December 31, 2019

35 shekel meal for 6 people (no kids)

It's been a while since I posted about cheap food, but I think it's time to do one of those!

I'm in the middle of a pantry/freezer clean-out (because I literally have not had time to shop much in over 2 weeks, except for a random makolet run) so I thought I'd share some of my 5 - 6 shekels per person meals.

Yup, 6 shekels per person and I think everyone found enough food.

Here's how it went:

1 dozen medium eggs (10.50 NIS)
oil for cooking them (less than 1 NIS)
pinch of salt (almost negligible. let's say 5 ag)

These I made into omelettes - 2 eggs per person

Brown rice (500g) (3.50 NIS)
sliced mushrooms (not a lot - 3.50 NIS worth)
oil, water, salt, spices (less than 50 ag)

Bag of frozen peas (bought on sale for 7.50 NIS)

2 yellow peppers 
2 red peppers
1 light green summer squash
2 zucchini (found these in my fridge needing to be used up, I bought them a few weeks ago)

I bought the peppers and summer squash for 4.90/kg and the zucchini was a bit more. The total for all of these was probably under 6 NIS plus I drizzled olive oil on top, so let's add another shekel and half for good meausure. Total 7.50 NIS

Altogether this adds up to 34.5 NIS. Now I don't really know how to calculate my gas and electricity use, but that's not part of my grocery bill, so we'll let that slide and not add it in here! This fed 6 people dinner tonight, the youngest of whom is 12 years old! 

When my kids were younger, cheap meals used to be doable for less, but that doesn't work now. Still, I think this dinner is pretty well priced for a variety of foods and offers something for everyone!

Last night I had NO time to cook, so we made do with the following:

pasta (half a bag of whole wheat pasta - 2 NIS for a half a bag - plus a bag of white pasta - also 2 NIS)
cottage cheese (bought on sale for 3.33 - lately I've found cottage cheese on sale on Sundays for 3/10 NIS)
shredded cheese, about 250 g - 8 NIS

random soup (leftover pea soup - it was a super simple soup and I bought the split peas on sale for 5 NIS/kg, so I'd say it was 3 NIS worth of soup from shabbat plus random veggies (1 onion, 2 kishuim, 2 carrots, a couple of garlic cloves - 4 NIS, let's say) plus rice noodles (I used 2/3 of a package - 4.70 NIS) and some seasonings (under 50 ag)

Total for that meal was under 28 NIS, and we ate the rest of the soup for lunch today! 

Anytime I manage to make quick homemade meals without spending a lot is a WIN!!

About those peas I found hiding in the freezer:
I'm hoping to clean out that freezer very soon. It's a bit embarrassing, but my freezer is a ROYAL MESS! I keep buying things on sale and shoving them in there. Only there, I must admit, is 3 different places. I have 2 fridges (with small freezers) and one large freezer. But it's time to get rid of one of those fridges - we got it secondhand, and it needs a repair (it leaks a lot of water) and it was useful for a long time, but I am ready to make it work without it... So it's cleanout time and then I can reclaim my mudroom! I'm excited because I really want to paint that room purple... AND I can't wait to lower my electric bill!

I'm not sure my family will let me paint our entryway purple, but I'm sure going to try!

Hope you found this helpful! 


  1. Nice. Well done. I'll reply with a cheap meal of my own. 1 bag of pasta (2.5nis - I get 4 for 10 at my local super), 500g white cheese 9% (9.90 nis), grated yellow cheese 250g (7.5nis), 1 tin of tuna (5 nis), salt and pepper = 25 nis and feeds 6. Cook the pasta, mix all the ingredients together, pour into a baking dish and bake until golden on top (save some of the cheese to sprinkle on top before baking). I usually make 3 smaller dishes and freeze 2 of them before baking. You can play with this and add broccoli or any other greens, onions, different fish, hard boiled eggs, etc...


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