Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mislabeled Products - Missing ingredient and Allergen Warning

Hecht Products Ltd. announced that the following products were mislabeled, due to a printing error:

Brand: Penina Rosenblum
Product Name: Gluten Free Sesame Sticks
Package Size: 150g

Brand: Penina Rosenblum
Product Name: Gluten Free Sesame Cookies (עוגיות מזרחיות)
Package Size: 150g

Despite the fact that the picture on the label shows products with sesame seeds, and the names of the products in English contain the word "sesame", sesame seeds were left off the ingredient list and the allergen list.

These products CONTAIN sesame, and should NOT be eaten by anyone with a sesame allergy!

If you have questions about this recall, please call Hecht Products customer service at 08-684-6620

While they do not mention anything about refunds, I recommend anyone with a sesame allergy who  has purchased one or both of these products should request a refund from the company.

Please make sure you share this recall with anyone who is allergic to sesame and may have purchased these products!

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