Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Egg Recall - what you should know

Yesh MaOf Eggs have once again made it into the news for being contaminated with a highly dangerous strain of salmonella.

This is not the first time this company has had this problem.

The company claims that in the past week, tests of their chicken coops showed no evidence of the dangerous strain of salmonella, and therefore they are saying that the eggs that are unsafe are "counterfeit" - that they come from an unregistered source that is labeling their eggs as Yesh Maof eggs.

They urge any customer who has eggs with the following batch info to DESTROY them for safety reasons:

Batch # וק67 with use by date (refrigerated) of 14.11.2017

Batch # וז98 with use by date (refrigerated) of 7.11.2017

If you have questions about this, please contact Yesh Maof at 052-577-8537

Do not expect a refund, as they are claiming these eggs are not actually from their company.

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