Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Food Recall (Chocolate Products)

Leiman Schlussel Ltd announced a recall of the following products, due to an apparent infestation with meal moths (also known as pantry moths).

Chokoleta Dark Chocolate

Choketa Dark Chocolate 60%

Choketa Dark Chocolate

Choketa Milk Chocolate

Choketa Milk Chocolate with Nut Pieces

Choketa Milk Chocolate with Almond Pieces

All of these products are imported, and are produced by Ibercacao, from Spain

The recall includes all of the above varieties (sold separately AND in multi-packs) with expiration dates up to and including 6.2.2019

If you have questions about this recall, please call Leiman Schlussel customer service, at 08-932-4400

You may have to provide batch #s, etc when you call, and you may have to insist that they send you a coupon for a replacement. I'm hearing reports that the customer service department is still early on in the learning curve...

p.s. if you have pantry moths, deal with them the non-toxic way (affiliate link)! 


  1. Hi Ester, the two ebay links are unavailable. I received the following on both pages:

    This listing (**********) has been removed, or this item is not available.
    Please check that you've entered the correct item number
    Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing.

  2. thanks for letting me know, Sue! I've updated the ebay link in the post with a new one.


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