Monday, February 24, 2014

50% off Pyrex and more

Springtime in Israel...

The warm weather that we enjoy but we pray for much needed rain...

The allergies...

The kitchenware SALES!

Here's one I noticed that some of you may want to check out: 50% off Pyrex, Luminarc, and T-fal pots and pans at Home Center. Even though Home Center can be overpriced, they are worth checking out at 50% off!

They also have plastic storage boxes on sale. These are 65 L boxes with wheels (great for storing kids' toys like Legos), on sale for 89.90 for two. This may not be the best price EVER but for Israel, that's a pretty good price for a decent size storage bin.

They also have many other items on sale, including some small appliances that may be worthwhile...

Time to start thinking about Pesach... PLUS I am desperately trying to get organized at my house!

Anyone else out there struggle with organization?

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