Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shabbat Planning

My friend picked up a TON of persimmons this week, and then she gifted us with a whole lot of them! They are calling me... saying "make me the star of your Shabbat"!

So here's the plan:

Challot (I just may have to buy some still - still recuperating and not quite back to being able to do "everything")
Vegetable Soup with Kale ribbons (because I got bunches of kale for 3/10 shekels this week and I bought a whole lot)
Honey ginger chicken with broiled persimmons
Honey ginger tofu with broiled persimmons for my vegetarian teenager
(see - persimmons will be the star!)

these persimmons were broiled with cinnamon

Whole wheat couscous (got some on sale) with roasted garlic
Steamed broccoli
Make your own salad
Black bean cholent for lunch

Dessert - vegan brownies and fruit

Last minute addition: roasted peppers and onions! (I found some peppers in the fridge that REALLY needed to get used up)

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