Sunday, February 23, 2014

Menu Planning for the week

Here we go again!

Time to plan my meals for the week so we don't get stuck!! Even though I often switch days around, and even play with the meals a bit, I find it so helpful to sit down and plan meals around what we have in the house. I haven't done much shopping lately though, so some of this is going to be speculation about what I will find when I shop.

Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese (for the kids), cucumbers, avocado, and kohlrabi. I ate stuffed peppers (that I pulled out of the freezer)
Supper: Shabbat leftovers, embellished

Lunch: sandwiches and make your own salad
Supper: red lentil soup, rice, stir fried vegetables

lunch: picnic
Supper: red lentil soup, spaghetti with marinara sauce and black bean "meatballs", roasted or steamed kishuim, roasted kohlrabi

Lunch: leftovers from the week
Supper: garlic bread, mushroom-barley soup, ???

Lunch: pancakes and ???
Supper: vegetable soup, baked ziti with vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes

For snacks we have fruit, carrot sticks, popcorn, cornmeal muffins, oat bran and honey muffins, and granola bars (requested by the kids)

For breakfast, we'll mostly have oatmeal, perhaps some fruit and yogurt, and toast too (we have random pieces of bread in the freezer to use up)

And that's the plan. The question is, will I stick to it? Or will I still have supper crises? 

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