Thursday, February 13, 2014

SuperPharm Coupons!

SuperPharm has some really worthwhile coupons right now, good thru Monday (Feb 17th)

You can print them or use their smartphone app for paperless coupons.

Here are some of them:

32 rolls "Sunday" brand toilet paper for 19.90

750 ml exta virgin olive oil (Life/Wellness brand) for 22.90

700 ml bottle of baby wash (Pinuk brand) for 7.90

Solgar B-12 for 54.90

Alsefa Omega 3s, 210 capsules total for 49.90

Colgate toothbrush 3-pack for 6.90

Dove Baby baby wash, 700ml for 7.90

Weleda calendula diaper cream for 29.90

Plax mouth rinse for 6.90

Life Shampoo or Conditioner for 7.90

and lots more, I just selected some to highlight!

Be sure to check them out. And to print them or download them to your phone, be sure to log in to SuperPharm's website or app.

Happy Savings!


  1. I really like the Garnier face wash that's on sale (29.90 NIS). It's nice for VERY SLIGHTLY oily or "blemish prone" skin. It's the only thing I've found in Israel that I like. The other ones leave my face oily or are not gentle enough for my eyes. (I use it to take off my eye make-up.)

    1. Nice to know! Glad you found a product that makes you happy!


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